Your Views: Four reasons to say 'no' to Common Core education

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Common Core standards do not allow teachers or parents to help students learn fully. Actually, the standards undermine educational quality as well as choice. Allow me to explain.

1.) Local communities know their students and can much better understand and set standards for their students than can the government.

2.) Not only do parents have less say about what goes into their children's education with Common Core, but they also are not able to provide their children with a better education in a different school district with different standards because all standards will be the same between districts.

3.) Students are constantly at different levels of learning. Common Core holds back some students from their potential while pushing other students beyond their pace of learning. A good education policy recognizes that each student has a different learning pace as well as a different learning style, and allows educators the freedom to recognize and tailor their approaches.

4.) With Common Core, I do not believe there is enough room for improvement in our educational system. Schools do not have the opportunity to try new methods or systems of education because they are required to develop their approach around the Common Core standards.

The reality is that education cannot be successful with a “one-size-fits-all” type of policy. Do not allow Common Core standards to defeat our schools; stand up for the unique educational needs of Wisconsin students!



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