Whitewater exhibit reveals a body of work

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Lynn Greene | March 2, 2014

WHITEWATER — All of us have one and the ways we choose to adorn it can say a lot about who we are, where we've been, maybe even who we aspire to be. Body adornment may exemplify beauty, power, ceremony or social status. Jewelry may be worn to mourn or remember a loved one; tattoos may mark an important achievement or represent a specific time in one's life.

All of these body embellishments are part of the upcoming Whitewater Arts Alliance exhibit “Body Adornment.”

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Tattoo artist “Bear” Hanson will be one of the artists present at the exhibit's opening Sunday, March 9, at the Whitewater Cultural Arts Center. The exhibit is an eclectic showcase of body art and embellishment from Victorian jewelry to cultural ceremony, piercings to tattoos. A video of body adornment in cultures around the world will run continuously during the show. Ceremonial pieces, jewelry and tattoos will be represented in actuality, on film and in photographs. A series of related presentations will take place throughout the exhibit's run in March and April.

“Tattooing: Decisions and Designs” is the focus of Hanson's presentation. Hanson, of Fontana, said people get tattoos for many reasons, some not so good – but those choices also become part of them.

“You get a tattoo and later, you can say, OK, this was going on in my life then. Those memories will never fade.”

There's a lot of bad reasons to get a tattoo — showing gang affiliation is one of them. And there are bad choices in tattoo placement even when the reason for getting them is good.

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