Your views: Biased DA's office is real source of scandal

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Haters of Gov. Walker are desperately trying to tarnish the governor over the release of 28,000 pages of emails. The Democrat district attorney's office, 43 of whom signed Recall Walker petitions, has gone over these emails for three years and found nothing to use against Walker.
The chief investigator of the John Doe had the union blue fist and a “Recall Walker” sign in his yard while working on the probe. If there was evidence of criminal activity, these biased prosecutors would have filed charges. Instead, they shut down that probe without charging Walker. Walker wasn't convicted in a court of law, so Democrats are resorting to a media trial in the court of public opinion.
There is ample evidence of prosecutorial abuse in the current John Doe, including the jailing of two innocent businessmen by the Doe prosecutors. The media is not covering that abuse. There is no mention of the fact that only conservatives are targeted, even though the public record suggests that liberal and Democrat groups have engaged in similar activities.
The judge presiding over the current John Doe witch-hunt by the biased Democrat DA has ruled that prosecutors had not shown probable cause that Walker committed violations of the laws. He said what conservative groups were accused of doing was protected free speech. That doesn't matter. The media and Democrats will beat this dead horse through the election.
The scandal is the biased district attorney's office and a complicit media, not Walker.

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