Your views: Shame on Costas for bringing politics into Olympic forum

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

I just heard Bob Costas deliver a totally inappropriate commentary while discussing Ukraine's gold medal in the women's biathlon relay. Bob attacked Vladimir Putin on issues of human rights, stifling political dissent and laid the blame for the problems in Ukraine directly at Putin's feet.
Shame on you Bob Costas for using the Olympics to make political propaganda and to poke your finger in Putin's eye. Please read Stephen Cohen's article in the March 3 The Nation Magazine, “Distorting Russia: How the American media misrepresents Putin, Sochi, and Ukraine.”
Bob, why didn't you “comment” on the blood of 150,000 Iraqis on our hands, or the innocent people killed with our drones? Bob, why didn't you comment on Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman, who is still being held a political prisoner or on the rights of detainees held indefinitely and without charge at Guantanamo?
Bob, have you forgot that Putin rescued Obama's butt after he drew a line concerning Syria's chemical weapons, how Putin helped broker the current talks with Iran or how Putin proposed a Ukraine compromise torpedoed by a European ultimatum?
Bob, the Olympics are for athletic competition, not for playing political games.

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