Sound Off for Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2014

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

On Leonard Pitts: Does anybody still read Leonard Pitts? Twice a week is too much. Is he even capable of writing anything that doesn't decry Caucasians as racists?
On theft: I saw in Sen. Cullen's article Feb. 19 and other items references to “theft of moveable property.” Exactly how would someone steal immovable property? What kind of silly term is that?
On Gov. Walker: From Page 1 Friday, “Democrats compare Walker to Christie.” Well, they're both governors, and they both used to be a threat to Hillary Clinton, and that's where the similarity ends. I read the article on the 28,000 emails, and the most devastating one they could come up with is Walker telling his people not to break the law. It's no wonder he won the recall by 7 points.
-- Now that we are in a campaign year, we will hear all kinds of promises from Walker to help his campaign, but we need to be aware of the ones he doesn't tell us. Walker loves to sidestep questions. It's time he is put on the line; either he is for it or not. We the people have a right to know if we are being snowed or if the sun is going to shine.
-- Walker and his supporters will do anything to win the November election, like spend millions for redistricting, give back money they don't have, and tell people about all the jobs that they've created. This is the most corrupt administration ever.
On climate change: Charles Krauthammer's article Friday, “Settled science keeps changing,” brilliantly gives you the unvarnished truth. I would quibble with one small point: Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. It's a naturally occurring gas, and without it, there would be no life on this planet. Whether higher or lower levels of it in our atmosphere have any effect harmful or otherwise has not been proven. No one knows, and anyone who says different is speculating.
On Obama and the FCC: So now President Obama wants to have the FCC monitor news media to make sure they cover the right stories. You see some of the stories are not favorable to Obama, and you can't have a true totalitarian regime with a free press. It's not enough that 90 percent of them are already on his team. He's got to make sure that the other 10 percent get their mind right. It was nice living in a free country while it lasted.
-- Talk about control. Besides health care, we need to call our representatives and senators and tell them to have the FCC stay out of the news sources so to protect our free press and speeches.
On Charter: The news from Charter forcing all its subscribers to go digital in March must affect thousands of your readers. Would the Gazette please do an article on what a family's options are if they choose not to stay with Charter but can't go to either of the satellite companies? A neighbor heard something about some pretty great technology being developed, and the device is similar to the old rabbit ears.
 On helping motorist: There was a young lady broke down on Randall and Milwaukee Street. Cars were lined up for a couple blocks, and no one got out to help push her out of the way. I was the only one. I guess everybody else was too busy text messaging to show a little kindness. Come on people, let's start getting in it together. Be kind.
On truck on ice: I just submitted the winning guess as to when the Golden K Kiwanis truck is going to break through the ice at Traxler Park: never.
On grading schools: Another horrible Republican bill is making the rounds of the Capitol in Madison and is reducing our neighborhood public schools' performance to a letter grade and requiring 5 percent to get Fs. The law then closes schools that get Fs, fires all the staff and brings in a corporation to run the school. Don't Republicans believe in neighborhood public schools and local control?
On state tax cuts: You can take my measly tax break and give it to all the struggling municipalities who have experienced the old 1950 water main breaks and replace the old pipes. This is for the struggling homeowners and especially for the overworked municipal workers who tried to patch these old worn-out water mains in freezing weather.
On restaurants: I would like to see Ponderosa come back since the restaurant that went in there couldn't make a go of it.
On the gas stations.  From Monterey Bridge all the way to Highway 11 bypass, we have six gas stations. That is enough.
On the UAW: The UAW just lost the vote to unionize the VW plant in Tennessee, so the UAW is appealing to the National Labor Relations Board, in other words Barack Obama.  Don't be at all surprised when Obama in the guise of the National Labor Relations Board forces a union on the people of Tennessee. After all, this is where the Democratic Party gets their money, from the unions.
On the south side: How about Arby's, Papa Chicken, Sonic, Golden Corral, Gorman's?   Come on, grow the south side. There is all kinds of room to grow convenient off the Highway 11/I-90 bypass.
On kindness: I just wanted to thank the lady on the north side Burger King that did a random act of kindness. We were behind her as she was making her order, and when we went up to the window, the people at Burger King said no charge, that the lady ahead of us paid for it. Thank you very much whoever you are.
On development proposal: Mayor Frazier, please listen. Listen to the people of Milton who do not want Watson or his plans in Milton. Don't give up good farmland for him.
-- The city of Milton has always been concerned that Janesville will one day take them over. Now, the Milton mayor is discussing with a potential developer a plan that would involve annexation all the way to within extraterritorial jurisdiction of the city of Edgerton.  As a city of Edgerton taxpayer, this concerns me.
On minimum wage: Sunday's story says waiters and waitresses are making $8.74 an hour in Rock County. I am a waitress in Janesville, and I make $3.25 an hour before my tips. I have not gotten a raise in the last nine years, and I think that statement in the paper is ridiculous.
On road salt: Since we're running out of salt for the roads and now they are using cheese brine, why hasn't anything been brought up about using beet juice because Beloit has been using beet juice. Why hasn't anything been brought up in Janesville about beet juice?
On Milton's downtowns: A novel idea would be to buy everything between the two downtowns, everybody's house and property and demolish them and make it one downtown. That's only a mile long compared to the five miles and all the people they are trying to upset in the township. I think it would be better if they spend the money on their own stuff.

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