Glen Loyd Video: Slow-motion footage captures bald eagles courting over the Rock River

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Glen Loyd
February 21, 2014

If you go across the Belrichard Bridge in Janesville, you may see juvenile bald eagles practicing mating rituals.

Bald Eagle courtship involves elaborate flight maneuvers, according to Wikipedia:

"The flight includes swoops, chases, and cart wheels, in which they fly high, lock talons, and free fall, separating just before hitting the ground...Bald eagles are early breeders. Nest building or reinforcing is often by mid-February, egg laying is often late February (sometimes during deep snow in the North), and incubation is usually mid-March and early May. Eggs hatch from mid April to early May, and the young fledge late June to early July."

Press play and then click the "Full screen" button in the bottom right corner of the video window for a larger view.

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