Web Views for Friday, Feb. 21: Homeless vets program earns kudos

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Friday, February 21, 2014

A selection of the most interesting comments from the last week on GazetteXtra:

On housing for homeless vets: This is a good thing...as well as good of you to print.

--  hdonlybob

-- Best wishes, and may you all find the strength and resources to help you on your way. This sounds like a very good program to support. Glad it's getting publicity.

-- Solo_Voce

-- Congrats to you, Don Gross! Thank you for sharing your story, and thank you for your service to our country.

-- wislady

On new south-side gas station: Casey's will be a good addition to the south side. The south side is stale and stagnant, in my opinion. Forty years ago, this area was much more alive than it is now. It needs something to kick-start retail, and maybe Casey's will attract attention to the south side

-- Joe From Wisconsin

-- Wasn't there a Casey's on Center farther south that is no longer open? Down by Bazingas (Jumbos), I believe? Why would this location be different?

-- Susan Masterson

On frozen pipes frustrate editor: Scott, don't hope the city will cut you a break on the expense of running water. They will, but you need to ask.


-- Just a thought here, Scott, but let me know what they charge you for thawing your pipes. I'll make you an offer right now. I'll go half with you on a welding machine, and we would probably be ahead of the game. Think of the possibilities.

-- *****

-- Welding machines are in short supply, so that business plan probably won't work. Just talked to the city, and the plan is to look at historical use for people who have been advised to run water and charge them about what they've paid in past winters. Seems fair to me.

-- Scott Angus

On bill to ease road limits for farm machinery: This is an interesting subject, and I am not against its intent on the surface. I am, however, concerned that semi truck trailers, or straight trucks, should not be included in this bill. Many farmers own their own.

-- hdonlybob

-- “The Wisconsin Legislature will adjourn in April and will not convene again until January 2015.” Seriously, they get paid full-time wages for less than part-time work. This is a story that should be reported on.

-- sleeponit

-- Whose fault is that, sleeponit? It's obvious the majority of Wisconsin citizens don't give a rodent's rear end.

-- *****

On Sen. Johnson's mail votes anger industry: The postal service is fraught with waste. It is long overdue for some changes.

-- wislady

-- USPS employees are overpaid, over-vacationed, under-worked and rude. Johnson is right. It's time to let the USPS stand on its own. Tammy (Baldwin) wants the government to control everything. Just look at how well it is working with the post office.


-- My USPS delivery person is very nice. Maybe you just bring out the worst in them.

-- buyusa

-- To my experience, most mail deliverers out on routes are very friendly and cordial, while the folks working at some post offices seem ... not so cordial and friendly. Maybe it's something about working behind the counter and inside? As for the cost to mail a letter and the time it takes to get across the country, the price is well worth the value, I think.

-- Solo_Voce


To Greg Peck: American TV's customer service woes didn't help matters any. … We “toured” the store for almost an hour browsing the appliances and living room and bedroom furniture. Not one person in that hour asked if they could help us. … We never went back.


-- American TV did a masterful job of creating an enormous, loyal community of shoppers ... back in the '70s and '80s! Their competition evolved with the times, but they did not.

-- Mr Glock 19 SK

-- I agree with Tammy Brown that the customer service wasn't the greatest. I know several people that have had bad experiences with the products they purchased and had delivered to their home. … I can't imagine that Internet sales were the biggest reason for their demise.

-- Puchi

-- I bought my first “real” stereo from there in the '70s, which lasted me for many years. … I once again returned to American TV, about 8 years ago, and they did not disappoint. … The service was excellent, and I walked out with a kick-butt stereo system.

-- Solo_Voce

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