Your Views: Political discourse must perplex previous letter writer

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Sandra Valentine’s letter (Feb. 14) lamenting the Republicans and the tea parties wanting Barack Obama to fail seems to indicate she doesn’t understand political discourse. Then again, we have a poorly vetted president who couldn’t pass a regular FBI background check and who shouldn’t be mistaken for the Messiah.

Why would people disagree with a president who is a protégé of an anti-American terrorist/professor whose students have variously described him as a great teacher, psychotic and belonging in jail and who’s still trying to start a race war?

Is it more plausible that Obama wants to make America a better place or wreck it? Obama said he wants to “perfect” the nation, which means he’s mad or crazy enough to replicate the French Revolution.

Perhaps Sandra Valentine will feel better if Obama starts rounding up his political opposition and making them disappear.



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