Your Views: Jorgensen's tax plan less generous than Walker’s

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

An article The Gazette printed Feb. 13 refers to a news release from Rep. Andy Jorgensen in which he attacks Gov. Scott Walker and Republicans for wanting to return taxpayer money back to taxpayers. Jorgensen states, “While Gov. Walker throws peanuts—just $10 a month—at middle class families,” his alternate plan “would offer middle class residents another $100 a year in tax breaks.”

Walker’s $10 a month equals $120 a year ($10 x 12 months), which is greater than $100 a year. So if Walker’s $120 a year is peanuts, what would Jorgensen’s $100 a year be? Also, why did Jorgensen frame Walker’s amount in a “per month” figure but his amount in a “per year” figure? Was it to confuse people? If he would have put his amount in “per month” terms, it would have read, “would offer middle class residents another $8.34 a month in tax breaks.”

I remember when Jorgensen was in office and supporting Gov. Jim Doyle’s policies, which drove the state into a $3.6 billion deficit and hurt middle class families and small businesses. Now he wants to give back an additional $8.34 a month to working-class families?



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