Your Views: Letter critical of Right offers lots to question

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

I am writing in response to John Macek’s letter Feb. 12 titled “Right won’t let facts interfere with thinking.” Your letter started by insinuating that people on the Right are stupid and the folks on the Left are the “intelligent” ones. Everyone has a right to be wrong; you just choose to exercise yours. Reading further, I have to question your own intellect.

It’s not the number of executive orders that the president has made, it’s the nature of the orders. We have co-equal branches of government. He is not a dictator, although he would like to be.

You call it the “Affordable Care Act.” I call it Obamacare because this name is his legacy until it is repealed when we elect adult leadership. Obamacare is a colossal failure that will drag down our economy. The administration lied and said 30 million more would be covered. You have to consider the 30 million who will now be uninsured and were insured before.

We pay a lot for health care because we bear the costs of research and development of new medicines. Research doesn’t come for free, and drug companies have to make profits to stay in business.

You call Mr. Obama “the most brilliant president this nation has ever known.” I’m still laughing about that one. He is the most corrupt president this nation has ever known. It’s not the color of his skin that makes the Right oppose him; it’s the content of his Marxist policies.



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