Your Views: Reject industrial park near Milton, and protect rural lands

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Land—they’re not making any more. Once we’ve paved it over for bigger and faster roads, built giant industrial parks, and dug holes in it far deeper and wider than we can imagine, we won’t have any place to support our crops, children and wildlife.

We are the strongest nation in the world, and we don’t want to rely on foreign countries to put food on our tables. The loss of cropland starts out just like this in communities looking to industrialize.

Did you grow up in our community? Perhaps you wish you would have, so you build your home here, have your children and hope to give them your dream of a safer and slower-paced community. If Bill Watson gets his way, our dream of that countryside will be gone.

There are many wetland areas and small ponds in the land that’s being considered. Has the DNR studied these to determine the environmental value and impact of this project?

We understand the need for jobs and the security they bring to us and our community. Unfortunately, another industrial park is not the solution. We already have so many empty buildings and industrial parks looking for renters. Please, elected representatives of the towns of Fulton and Milton, and the city of Milton, consider the many voices against this project and vote “no.”



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