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Friday, February 14, 2014


On cemetery chapel friends must wait: Our city council is a joke. They had a deal. They got the funds, now pay up. You should have taken care of it when you took it over vs. letting it rot like the other stuff in town that you are to “take care of.”

-- ms pacman

-- So just turn over $60,000 of taxpayer money to a group of citizens with good intentions but no plans, specifications or costs. I think the council did the right thing. FYI, the chapel was rotting long before it was “given’ to the city.


On Countryside Inn: Seems Mr. Erdman has not researched the issues surrounding hip-hop music. Two bars in Beloit closed due to gun violence. Every license lost in Janesville recently, except Quotes, was due to hip-hop music. A hip-hop music event called attention to an otherwise peaceful bar on Beloit Avenue (County G).

-- Nick Danger

-- I take a bit of offense to this comment: “It is my opinion that if Mr. Erdman does not change his business model either voluntarily or involuntarily, another shooting will occur, and hopefully it won’t result in the death of an individual, or worse, a deputy.” What that statement says is that a death of a deputy is worse than a death of any other individual.


On Fourth Ward house: My hat is off to all involved in the rescue of this old piece of history. Can’t wait to see it when completed. This is just a good thing to do.

-- hdonlybob

-- What a good news story! Best of luck rescuing this grand old lady.


-- Great story! Nathan (Bussan) seems like a really talented guy!


On Toppers Pizza to open in Janesville: I’ll give them a try. I’m always open to pizza. (tapping toe) I’m still waiting for Red Lobster!

-- Joe From Wisconsin

-- Forward Janesville says “Janesville is becoming quite the dining hub, and we like that! What do you think?” Well, I think Janesville is a dining hub but only if you consider fast food, burger joints, taco joints and pizza joints, that any other city has, a dining hub.

-- Puchi

-- Puchi, you need to get out more. Janesville has quite a few locally owned and operated restaurants that are sure to have something for everyone’s palate. Janesville was once heading in the direction you claim it’s in, but over the last few years Janesville has added quite a few really good places to go. Welcome to Janesville, Toppers!

-- befair

On good food comes from Janesville truck: Nice story, and good luck to this business!

-- hdonlybob

-- Is this news or is it advertising?

-- garyprimer

-- Hey, it’s a restaurant review, well kinda a restaurant. Odd that the owner did not research the city ordinances before purchasing and starting this operation. It is not really fair to local brick-and-mortar restaurants.


-- It is very surprising to have such food offered in Janesville, let alone from a food truck. No other restaurant offers food like this in town. He uses as much local and Wisconsin products as he can—how many others do this? He deserves to have the right to here.

-- Truthtelller

On local cases show perils of ‘sexting’: I am a fairly liberal senior citizen, and in my opinion, it is not the cellphone or Internet that is the problem. It is the 14-year-olds as well as all underage kids that are sending naked pictures of themselves. This is an unfortunate example of what our morals are deteriorating into. Sad, sad situation.

-- hdonlybob

-- It might be nice if parents would start being parents instead of trying to be friends with their children.

-- RetArmy

-- Don’t be afraid to go through your child’s belongings like a hound dog. We’re parents, not friends.



To Greg Peck: It’s not a good political cartoon if it doesn’t outrage somebody.


--Eighty percent of the farm bill is food stamps. Maybe he should redo the “cartoon” depicting a food-stamp recipient and see how people react.

-- wislady

-- Perhaps the problem is that the issue mentioned—agribusiness subsidies from us taxpayers—was represented by a single farmer on a single tractor. The subsidies go, largely to gigantic agribusiness operations.

-- Thomas Murn

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