Sound Off for Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2014

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

On traffic crash: Regarding the article “You couldn't even see,” (Page 3A, Thursday), thank you to Kyle Bliss for his story on driving too fast for conditions. This crash could have been avoided. Every family needs to have a discussion that speed limits are set for ideal conditions; they are not the limit in a whiteout.

-- The accident in Emerald Grove was not a surprise. I am on the road all the time and see firsthand the driving skills of young women. If they are not talking on their cell, combing their hair, tailgating, speeding, running stop signs, sipping their lattes, jabbering with their passengers and multitasking, they regularly pass snowplows and school buses. Unbelievable.

On shooter training: I'm calling in regards to “What if it happened here” on the front page Wednesday, Feb. 5. I think the 911 center would need to have text messaging so people can send text messages to them and they can respond back. That way they wouldn't have to use the phone and be heard.

On Girl Scout cookies: Let's get this in perspective. My granddaughter wants to sell me mints that her grandpa loves, and I'm going to say, “I'm sorry. I can't because someone supports abortion.” She says, “What's abortion?” Gender, race, religion, politics, orientation are all up for grabs. What and why are we using little kids for adult agendas?

On farmer cartoon: Regarding the cartoon of the farmer on Page 4A Friday, the whole world should be happy they've got as much food produced here in Rock County, whether there's a subsidy for the farmer or not. I don't think any of us are rich people.

On Janesville schools: I see our Janesville School Superintendent Karen Schulte and two school board members are going to Washington to lobby. I don't think the answers to low teacher morale and teachers leaving Janesville will be found in D.C. or China.

-- When we get all the Chinese students over here that Superintendent Schulte is trying to recruit, do you think it's possible that the Chinese New Year will become another day off for all of our students to celebrate? I think that's probably what's going to happen.

On school closings: Wind-chill factors are a problem in Wisconsin, and that's nature. The school system should consider going back to having kids go back to school the last week in August. Then we wouldn't have such a problem trying to get them out in June, and then they can still go to a summer school. Otherwise, it gets too late, and summer school gets behind.

On state finances: On Feb. 4, MSNBC announced that Michigan had given back to K-12 schools $1 million that had been taken from them to balance the last state budget. I think Gov. Walker should do the same thing. He took money from schools and from the town roads to balance his budget, and what he's got now is not a surplus.

-- In reference to Sunday's article, “Burke half right on tax-and-fee claim,” maybe if I had Mary Burke's millions, I'd think Wisconsin taxes and fees were about right. I don't. I have a fixed income and feel all Wisconsin taxes and fees are too high, especially property taxes.

On newspaper carriers: It doesn't matter which paper people get, they're complaining about their carriers. They don't realize what carriers go through in winter with ice and snow. Give your carriers credit for getting your paper there and give them a break. They're doing what they can to keep customers happy.

-- It's important to note that being responsible for assembling inserts on Sunday mornings and knocking on doors for the weekly collection on Saturday mornings were duties I had that are automated and no longer a part of the job, making it even easier for today's carriers.

-- I keep reading that people complain about delivery. I would like to thank my carrier, who puts it right up by my front door every day, and the poor guy rides around on a bicycle in the snow, rain and wind.

On Watson plans: Why don't Bill Watson and Jeff Helgesen petition Janesville for annexation of the 300 plus acres that Watson owns that he was proposing to swap with the county in 2006? Watson is the only landowner; it's much closer to existing utilities and has rail and Interstate access currently provided.

On car chase: Why would someone leave their car running with the keys in it and unlocked (Page 6A Monday)? Why would anyone make it so easy for a thief to take their car and wreck it? Let's hope the insurance company doesn't pass the cost of fixing the car on to its other customers. The car owner also put our police officers' lives in danger.

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