Your Views: Gays shouldn’t need legal marriage contract

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It seems to me that all the lawyers around and all the smart people who know the law could come up with an alternative to gay marriage.

I can understand in these times that two men or two women would want to live together. That doesn’t mean they have to be married, or gay. I have heard of the power of attorney/durable power of attorney, legal wills and legal paperwork where others can be notified if someone is in the hospital, clinic, nursing home, etc., and can make decisions. They can be awarded the care of any child if the parent has it in the will that she/he wants this person to be caregiver of the child. So what’s the big deal about gay marriage?

If the legal papers I noted are authorized, then a marriage contract shouldn’t be necessary. We as a nation are getting away from our moral center. We were founded on a Judeo-Christian base and have had certain rights taken from us and other ideas forced on us. We Christians, as the moral majority, have to take a stand and stop this blasphemy.

God bless America because government isn’t. All three branches of government took oaths of office to defend the Constitution. All have stepped all over it. Time for a change.



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