Your Views: Get involved in Janesville by seeking committee posts

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I want to take this time to invite the citizens of Janesville to volunteer. To step up, make a difference and get involved in their local government. Until Feb. 28, the city of Janesville will be accepting applications for our citizen committees. These committees are the backbone of our city government and important to the function of our municipality.

Do you have an interest in what bars get liquor licenses? Perhaps the alcohol license advisory committee is for you. Or do you have an opinion on where traffic signals should and shouldn’t be? Then the transportation committee could use your services. These citizen committees help craft city policy and pass on their recommendations to the city council—a crucial role in helping us make decisions.

We have 12 committees with 15 vacancies coming up. You can apply online at www.ci.janesville.wi.us or call the City Manager’s Office at 608-755-3177.


Janesville city councilman

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