Your Views: Walworth County supervisor explains his way of thinking

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I'm a lifelong resident with four years of Walworth County Board experience seeking to continue being a voice for rural residents, fiscally challenged taxpayers and individuals alienated by county government.

Other candidates may make promises, but I'm more qualified and know how the system works. I don't represent any employee or special interest, owe no favors and don't have “pet” projects to push.

County government is not listening, representing and treating all residents and taxpayers equally and professionally. For example, letters of inquiry to the board shouldn't be referred to committee or filed without responses to the writers. All committee meetings should have public comments on agendas. Not just select residents or property owners should follow county ordinances, the board and county departments should be expected to follow policies and procedures at all times.

I can identify with resident frustrations. Even I, as a county supervisor, don't get accurate information and am appalled by the favoritism and lack of transparency. My record proves I'll question and vote against policies, purchases and budgets that are unneeded or fiscally irresponsible.

I take the oath of office seriously. Dealing with the pressures and intimidation of other board members and county personnel can be trying, but I've always based my decisions on legal accordance and conducted myself ethically. I enjoy working not only for constituents but those from all over the county and will continue to work for you and demand of county government the services you're paying for and deserve.



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