Mid-winter hikes quiet, scenic

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Russ Helwig | February 10, 2014

On another cold evening last Tuesday, a small contingency of six adventurers walked around Lake La Grange on the Ice Age Trail and snowmobile trails. We saw one lone ice fisherman on the lake.

The cold snow was not packed well and footing was uneven on some parts of the trail. We wished that we had put on our snowshoes which would have made the going easier. 

Four of our regular hikers and a couple others who occasionally join us were absent last Wednesday as they preferred to take advantage of the excellent snow conditions at the Nordic Trails. I don't blame them as I do very much enjoy cross-country skiing and probably would have joined them had I not been leading the hike.

The rest of us, eleven in all plus a very well-behaved canine companion, hiked across the road at the Muir trails. We have hiked here a lot this winter because they are well protected from harsh winter winds; also these trails, although open to both biking and hiking, have few bikers using them in the cold weather making them ideal for hiking. We only meet one biker on a very fat tired bike.

We took the orange trail in the opposite direction as bike traffic as hikers are supposed to do.  This trail is a bit over four miles in length. Some of us took a couple small short cuts and finished up a couple minutes before the rest.

This trail had been used more than the trail around Lake La Grange so that the snow was better packed and even so we did not need snowshoes or ice grippers.

We regrouped at the La Grange General Store for soup and sandwiches where we found our friends who had been skiing.

Happy Trekking,


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