State Treasurer candidate Scott Feldt opposes elimination of office

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Gazette staff
Monday, February 10, 2014

JANESVILLE — Janesville School Board member and deputy state treasurer Scott Feldt said he is against a proposed constitutional amendment that would eliminate the state Treasurer's Office.

Feldt works in the office and is running to be state treasurer in the November election.

“Continued attempts to eliminate the treasurer's office have met with failure for decades now,” Feldt said in a written release. “The people of Wisconsin deserve to have the fiscal accountability that comes from electing a state treasurer, the kind of fiscal accountability that I will provide when I am elected.”

Feldt, a Republican, previously ran for the office in 2010 and was narrowly defeated by current Treasurer Kurt Schuller, who is not seeking re-election.

The Assembly Committee on State Affairs and Governmental Operations approved a constitutional amendment Thursday that would begin the process of eliminating the state Treasurer's Office, according to the release.

“For years, the political elite have chipped away at the treasurer's office, taking power away from an elected official and concentrating it in the hands of bureaucrats," Feldt said in the release. "This is the wrong course; it's not a conservative idea; it's not a progressive idea. It's Madison politics, pure and simple.”

Feldt worked in the state treasurer's office under both Schuller and former Treasurer Jack Voight, who served from 1995 to 2007.

He has served on the Janesville School Board since April 2011 and announced that he will not be seeking re-election to that position when his term ends in April.

Critics of the office point to the reduction in the state treasurer's duties as a reason for eliminating the office. Feldt believes the Legislature should restore the office to what it once was, according to the release.

“Unfortunately, while Wisconsin has many good legislators, there are a few in the state Legislature who want to eliminate the state Treasurer's Office to achieve their own personal political ends," Feldt said in the statement. "The right thing to do is to restore the founder's intent for the office, and make the state treasurer our chief financial officer once again. Wisconsin deserves to have an accountable elected financial watchdog, and as state treasurer that is what I will be.”

Three Madison Democrats--Dan Bohrod, Brandon White and David Leeper--also have declared themselves candidates for the office, according to online records of the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board.

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