Your Views: Editorial on wind farm raises crucial awareness

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Thank you for your informative editorial (Feb. 2) about the wind project proposed for the Johnstown area.

As noted, the towers are 350 tall, but with the blades attached they are 490 feet. That’s close to 50 stories tall! They’ve caused serious documented problems for folks living near them.

Families in Brown, Dodge and Fond du Lac counties have been forced to abandon their homes or sell them at steep losses. There are those who can’t afford to sell and are still living in misery. These are good, hard-working rural Wisconsin folks. I’ve spoken to them myself, spent time in their homes, nights under their roofs, experienced the problems first hand.

They’d be glad to talk to you, too. They don’t want to see this happen to any Wisconsin family. Contact them via windcows.com. Or go to YouTube and search “Life, Windfarm, Wisconsin.” From farmers to firemen, they tell the same story. Google “Good Morning America, wind turbine,” and watch an interview about life with wind turbines.

Even with the state Public Safety Commission having control, there are quite a few things local government can do to protect its residents (and roads!). Encourage your town board to contact the town of Union to share documents. I’ve seen too many lives fall apart after the turbines came to not take the time to write this. Thank you so much for your editorial. It means a great deal to have an informed community, and you’ve really helped to spread the word.




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