Your Views: Rich don’t understand a legacy worth leaving

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Those who have vast, ill-gotten gains don’t know what to do after the gluttony of satisfying their own desires. How many houses, cars, yachts, planes, drugs, fancy clothes and hired politicians, and how much high living is enough? When do they learn that only what is done for others is the kind of legacy worth leaving? In the past, the shameful behavior of the nouveau riche was recognized as boorish and foolish.

Our current media don’t know this. Instead, they labor slavishly to convince even the poorest of the poor that anything done to call out the top 1 percent to meet the responsibilities and needs of the country that permitted them to acquire wealth is wrong. They don’t need to pay no extra stinkin’ taxes. They don’t follow no stinkin’ rules. They don’t give a hoot about the stinkin’ poor.

Anything done to raise the standard of living for Americans is called “socialism.” Anything done to help people clawing and scraping to survive is called “providing a hammock that keeps them in poverty.” That’s what passes for federal discourse.

But will they pass a jobs bill? Not on your life! That might improve urban, electric, education, communications or manufacturing systems. Heck, they don’t even care about the food supply. The GOP pretty much is anti-everything except war and greasing the path for big bucks. Protect King Money (not the people) is the pathetic logo.



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