Your Views: Grandparent bemoans bind facing college student

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February 1, 2014

I have a granddaughter going to college. Eight months ago, she was kicked off BadgerCare. She meets the criteria; single, no children. Her tuition assistance has been cut.

Other insurance might be available, but she can't afford any additional expenses, no matter how cheap. She has no parents and is doing it on her own. She is on the dean's list. She owes more than $40,000. When she graduates, she will repay at 3.5 percent. How? Her friend graduated last year and is working for $8.50 an hour with no benefits.

Maybe I can use my tax refund from Gov. Walker to help her out. How many boxes of Ramen noodles will that buy? He should put the money back in education and other worthwhile projects. I would like to know how much that would reduce the surplus. I certainly hope he doesn't have plans to cut more school funding.

We need higher education. It is getting so the average student can't afford it. Wisconsin doesn't need a surplus this bad.



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