Revisit Groundhog Day in Woodstock

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Staff | January 31, 2014

“A thousand people freezing their butts off waiting to worship a rat—what a hype,” snarls Phil, the weather guy who's experiencing déjà vu in “Groundhog Day.” “Hypocrites! Groundhog Day used to mean something. They used to pull the hog out and they used to eat it.”

The 1993 film has become something of a classic—spawning a new meaning for “Groundhog Day” as something relived endlessly. And it's also helped bring a little attention to Woodstock, Ill, where much of the movie was filmed. 

Woodstock's Groundhog Days are taking place this weekend, and events include a dinner dance, a showing of the film and a walking tour of some of the filmed locations, like the Cherry Street Inn, the Tip Top Café, and one very deep puddle Bill Murray's character, Phil, never seems to miss. A special guest speaker at the event this year is Danny Rubin, who wrote the script for the movie.

For more information, check out the Groundhog Days website—which includes video clips, event listings and even directions.

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