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Friday, January 31, 2014


On wind turbines: There is a never-ending list of Koch-backed think tanks and advocacy groups that are fighting wind farms. What else would the gas, oil, coal billionaires’ fight against?

-- buyusa

-- We have spent over over $100 billion in subsidies for wind and solar. Because of their inefficiency, they have only provided about 4 percent of the energy we use, besides all the health issues they cause.

-- wislady

-- I’m not against wind power. I am against planting these things in places where any net benefit is questionable at best for power consumers. The companies get their tax subsidies whether they actually produce power or not. We fought hard in Union and Magnolia townships to keep these monsters the hell out of here (no thanks to the Legislature and/or the PSC).

 --  Professor

On propane shortage: A message to Gov. Walker. I can’t think of anything safer than allowing a person driving a gas truck to drive more hours. This is really a solution?


-- Wouldn’t it be a better solution to hire some more people?

-- buyusa

-- “‘We’ve only gotten 17 loads (of propane) out of Janesville as opposed to the 30 we normally get,’ Arndt said.’” Supply and demand. The colder down south, less propane up north.

-- gpawcat

-- This is considered a state of emergency. Not everyone can hop into a truck and have the knowledge required to deliver the propane. This is no different than when the snowplow drivers work longer hours.

-- wislady

On Craig Knutson to retire: Craig, when I grow up, I want to be just like you! You are an honest, fair, deliberate man with a conscience that reflects your community. You strive to see as many angles and impacts as possible before deciding, and it shows. … Rock County will remain strong because of the foundation you’ve laid.


On woman grateful for security guard’s service: That is a wonderful story. Thank you, Mr. (Don) Parsons. It’s good to know there are kind people like yourself out there.

-- robert flandes

On school snow days: You might wanna build an extra day in there next year, Janesville School District.

-- SamMadison

On Labor Secretary Perez’s column: While you are on unemployment compensation, you should realize that at some date that entitlement will end. Obama, I believe, eliminated the need for a person to aggressively search out places for employment on the grounds they shouldn’t have to.

-- RetArmy

-- RetA, thanks for your service but hope you’ll never need any help! (Whatever happened to “We don’t leave our own behind”?)

-- sabreman

-- How long? Three years? Five years? Twenty years? Forever?


-- Sabreman: You are mixing apples and oranges. How long do you think you should be paid unemployment? It is fine to help others, but at what point do you expect others to start helping themselves? … Unemployment is suppose to be only temporary, not a lifetime. I agree it is hard to find a job, but they are out there.

-- RetArmy


To Greg Peck: I’ll grant you, it’s all relative. Having lived in Canada for several years, and having spent a loooonnngg winter in northern Greenland (including a couple days inside the Arctic Circle), I’m pretty familiar with the cold. Still, our 2014 deep freeze is getting pretty old, pretty fast!

-- Northman

-- Well said, Northman. It is cold! Pretty simple. We live here, and I don’t care how cold it is in other places. We live here. It is cold for here. It is getting old.

-- ms pacman

-- You ain’t right Greg. Next you will be telling me I am really not broke...(Rolling Eyes).

-- hdonlybob

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