Your Views: Parents should not deny natural gender differences

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Blue is for boys! Pink is for girls! I'll thank you to respect that difference; and there are enormous differences. Common sense and scientific studies tell us that fact: their maturation process, their brain, their emotional make-up, their learning process, etc.

Even so, many people want to deny those natural differences and force-feed the child into the opposite gender. The result becomes a hybrid at best.

Melissa Wardy (Ann Marie Lux column, Jan. 19) is one of those confused and rebellious women who wants to stuff her 6-year-old daughter into a boy's blue baseball cap; without the testosterone, of course. Accept and encourage her feminine attributes. However, I would severely limit sexualized clothes, toys, etc.

Parents should be encouraged to focus on the innocence of childhood, modesty and restraint. What is essential in the development for girls and boys is a moral code, positive same-sex activities (until adolescence), fear of God, love of family and honor to country.

Boys as well as girls need separate tracks for appropriate healthy and mature development so each develops a clear, solid self-concept and gender identity. Boys must learn in their early years to control and channel their emerging testosterone drive, and girls must learn in those same years to control and channel their budding sexuality.

When they have mastered their separate development tasks and achieved an adequate level of maturity, then we trust and pray they're ready to meet at the dance and plan their future.


Licensed clinical social worker


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