Sound Off for Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

On state surplus: How do we have a surplus when we need money to pay off the debt?

-- When Democrats ran the state, we had a $3.6 billion deficit. Now that Scott Walker and Republicans are running the state, we have a $1 billion surplus. Maybe we should let Walker decide what we do with it because he seems to be a whole lot better at efficiently running government than almost any other politician in this country.

-- All you have to do is give that $977 million to a Democrat, and within 24 hours they would have it spent on free programs or something else we don’t need.

-- Sorry, Mr. Walker, it’s going to cost you more than $150 to buy my vote. Why don’t you try doing the right thing and pay down the debt instead of trying to buy an election?

-- The media loves to point out that we’re 37th in job creation, but they never mention where we were when Walker took over. It was near the worst.

-- So now Scott Walker is going to refund the surplus. That probably means $1 to $3 for the poor and working class and $100 to $300 for the upper class. Remember the $22 that George W. refunded to you? Same song, second verse.

On Watson development: The Milton and Fulton town boards discussed Bill Watson’s deal for accepting his money in open session. In true fashion, the city of Milton according to the agenda, is going to discuss this in closed session. Do we smell ethanol?

-- The city of Milton’s agenda was confusing. Public comments on anything that is not on the agenda, so 70-80 people sit there and don’t talk. Then, when it gets to this item on the agenda, the mayor says you cannot talk during this.

-- The city of Milton’s agenda said the people doing the presentation would be Watson and Brian Christianson. Then the mayor announced Watson and Jeff Helgesen would give the presentation, and the public didn’t get a chance to talk. The agenda made it look like they would be able to talk later. It was confusing.

-- The industrial park is a ruse, folks, no proposal has been made. Presentations given are vague with a lot of big name-dropping and stray to irrelevant speeches about health care and the tax code. Only theme is to fast track zoning changes. Beware, once the zoning is changed, industrial park plans go away and gravel mining begins. Mining will not bring 6,000 jobs.

-- I believe it would be very beneficial to the community due to the fact this is the only time to get these ramps put in. It will be a great thing for the city and town of Milton and will bring lots of people, revenue generation, jobs and economic benefit.

On Obamacare: Hacking expert David Kennedy disclosed it would take him four minutes to hack into the website. Republican-led House passed a bill saying if your information is stolen, you have to be informed of it. But the Democratic-led Senate will kill that. So much for accountability. Headline Tuesday, “ACA picks up steam.” It’s a steaming pile, all right.

-- Tuesday’s article on the enrollment fair states the Morrises spent 90 minutes with help from a counselor on a computer and still didn’t know how much their care would be. They had to take a break and return later. You notice how this article doesn’t tell what anybody actually had to pay or what their deductible is. “ACA gains steam” is a misleading headline.

-- The Gazette should do a follow up on the Morrises. It would be interesting to see how affordable the Affordable Care Act actually was for him and his wife.

On Tony and Londa Farrell: I’ve known the Farrells for many years, and they are just helpful people. They are wonderful people; they live a good, Christian life and I’m so glad they were honored in your first article in this new column (Page 1A, Monday). I think it’s going to be great.

On “Rebuilding Beloit”: Regarding last Sunday’s front page, I’m wondering when we will see a headline about rebuilding downtown Janesville? For years we’ve heard about the riverfront plan to bring new life to downtown Janesville, yet nothing has really happened. A recent drive downtown showed empty storefronts. Seems Beloit has the right idea.

On school closings: Thursday was bitter cold in Janesville, and many area schools closed for the safety of their children. But here we need to keep them open because no way would we want to inconvenience our teachers having to make up this day. Thank you, teachers.

On Roe v. Wade: In addressing its 41st anniversary, Obama praised the law because it gave everyone the right to pursue their dreams. What about the dreams of 55 million murdered babies?

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