Web Views for Friday, Jan. 24, 2014

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January 24, 2014


On governor’s “Happy Days” speech: Steve Walters, you of all people, should be able to contribute an article without snipes at Gov. Walker. … The public should expect more from someone who is senior producer for WisconsinEye. Even though it is obvious you cater to the left, you could at least feign decorum.

-- wislady

-- The surplus is actually on a credit card. With his broken promises, he should wear his “brown bag” that he campaigned with on his head. Shame.

-- buyusa

-- Politicians of both parties love to give voters a few coins with one hand while stealing dollar bills from voters’ wallets and purses with the other hand. The sheep of both parties should start insisting their organizations only nominate candidates for gubernatorial campaigns who have a strong background in accounting instead of political science.

-- Kevin Goebel

On Tucker Fredricks and Olympics security: Best wishes, Tucker, I hope this is the one!

-- Solo_Voce

On changing state’s mining law: Too bad Wisconsin won’t make any money on this mine being that the tipping fees were changed to be nearly zero.

-- buyusa

-- Wisconsin is not in business to make money, but the high-paying jobs sure would be nice.


On higher minimum wage: Wisconsin Jobs Now is just another left-wing group. … This group claims to be nonpartisan, even though they spent time protesting at Sen. Darling’s office and the offices of Paul Ryan.

-- wislady

-- There are so many things wrong here, I can only hit the highlights. “Family-supporting jobs have disappeared, replaced by low-wage work.” False. While many jobs disappeared, they weren’t replaced by anything. The low-wage work was always there. It’s also known as “starter jobs.” They aren’t, weren’t and should never be considered as family supporting. …

-- Northman

On Farrells aid stranger: Yup, that sounds like a Tony story! They are quite the couple! Giving, caring, compassionate. We really are lucky to have them right here in Rock County! Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Farrell Sr.


-- Why didn’t she get a new purse while in the store? Maybe she dropped it before going in the store? … Glad people pick up trash. Luckily the right kind of people picked it up. Others would have taken cash and cards and tossed the ID.

-- ms pacman

On Beloit’s downtown evolves: Hopefully when the ramp is torn down, Janesville will work to improve the downtown overall.

-- RetArmy

-- Question is, will investors work with Janesville like investors did in Beloit? If not, it really does not matter about the ramp.


-- Downtown Beloit has the advantage of the proximity of Beloit College to market off-campus housing, shopping and dining/drinking establishments to students. Also, downtown Beloit is rather level, compared to the Milwaukee Street axis of downtown Janesville.

-- Kevin Goebel


To Greg Peck: Need some patience. Fixing the zipper in the old one (coat) I am sure took more time than waiting another 10 minutes in line. I understand the frustration though. They (clerks) don’t even say “hello” or “one moment please.” They say “no jobs,” yet nobody to help people in stores anymore.

-- ms pacman

-- JCPenney started to go back to the way it was, but people didn’t return. Maybe it is best JCP is leaving Janesville. After all, you won’t know how much you miss it until it is gone.

-- RetArmy

-- I noticed that four of the 33 (Penney’s) stores closing are in Wisconsin. Probably an indication of the popularity of Kohl’s. With the exit of JCPenney and the possible demise of Sears, the three mainstays of the younger me will be gone—Montgomery Wards, JCPenney and Sears. … Time marches on.

-- Nick Danger

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