Deadline nears for online pesticide registry

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Staff | January 20, 2014

MADISON – Feb. 1 is the deadline to sign up for the Landscape Pesticide Registry for this year's growing season. Registered signers will be notified before lawn care companies apply pesticides in yards and properties adjoining theirs.

Register free online at

Signing up is a two-step process:

1. Register by providing an email address, street address and telephone number, and set up a password.

2. Enter the addresses for which you want notification. Unless you complete both steps, businesses will be unable to notify you. The password will provide you access to see what addresses you've entered and edit that information.

You may register addresses only for the block where you live and blocks that are adjacent to it. If you signed up for the registry last year, you will not have to re-enter addresses that you entered then, but you will have to indicate that you want to keep them on your notification list.

If you do not have internet access, you may call (608) 224-4500 for assistance in registering.

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection oversees the landscape registry.

The registry applies only to professional landscape applications.  Homeowners or landlords who do their own applications are not covered by the notification requirements, nor are applications to the inside or outside of buildings. The registry does not allow for notification of pesticide use in agriculture, or for you to be notified about applications around your workplace or your children's school or day care center.

After Feb. 1, the registry will be closed to the public, so staff can review it for incorrect and ineligible addresses. It will take effect March 15, when pesticide applicators will be able to search it to find out if any of their clients' addresses have been listed.

The registry has been in use since 1993. It first went to an online system in 2012. Last year, about 580 people registered and requested notification of pesticide applications on about 6,430 properties.

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