Your Views: Thanks for republishing story on Kleefisch, Eisenga

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

I want to commend The Gazette staff for republishing the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s article on state Rep. Joel Kleefisch and his “pay to play bill” (AB 540), to limit child support payments for a donor to both Kleefisch’s campaign and to that of his wife, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch.

In reading The Gazette’s Jan. 15 front-page story, the question is, who does Michael Eisenga think he is, king of the world?  Some people think they have all the answers and the privilege to get their way, but how did Rep. Kleefisch ever justify such actions? Keep watching for him or someone else in Madison to try and attach this measure as an amendment to some other late-night bill.

Can Rep. Kleefisch justify it by saying rules should be different for this very rich guy? Eisenga has three kids to support and reportedly tried to get them on BadgerCare! I would call out both Rep. Kleefisch and Eisenga for trying to use the system; readers should also and let it be known that this is not the Wisconsin way.



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