Careless driver upends life for mom, son

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Sal Dimiceli | January 15, 2014

Dear W.C.,

My 13-year-old son was the victim of a hit-and-run driver. He was riding his bicycle home from his friend's house when he was struck by a pickup truck. That is all he remembers and there were no witnesses. He suffered internal injuries and his leg was broken in several places. He was in the hospital for several weeks. He has been home from the hospital for almost three months. During that time he needed my constant care. Thank God he is finally getting better.

The reason I am asking for help is because I have fallen behind in my rent and utilities due to the amount of time I have had to take off work. I clean houses for a living and when I do not work I do not have any income. My mother is helping me when she can but she works full-time and has her own bills she is dealing with. My son is regaining some of his independence so I will be able to work more. I have not been able to pay my rent. We are on the verge of eviction with nowhere else to go. Our utilities are also about to be disconnected. I am sorry to ask for help. Prior to the accident I was making it week to week for years. I worked hard but we were financially okay. Please help us.

I know once I get back to work full time we will be all right.
I wish this irresponsible driver that left my son lying on the side of the road could see how he has had to struggle to learn to walk again. I wish they could have seen the suffering he or she caused by driving so recklessly. Our lives have been forever changed due to their selfish need to drink, text or just not care.

Mother and Recovering Son

Dear Readers,

I called the mother to set up a visit. Knowing how busy she must be in his care giving, along with trying to work whenever she could, I thought it best to set up a time to meet. I was correct in my assumption of how busy they were, but the mother was so desperate for help she asked if I could come right away. I am familiar with the sound of desperation so I told her I would come right over.

While driving to the apartment I thought about how quickly life can change. I made a point to really notice the drivers around me. It did not take me long to see how many drivers were not paying attention while at the wheel. After noticing a few swerving vehicles, drivers that were obviously texting, and another that went right through a stop sign, I realized how dangerous these drivers would be to anyone else on the street. An adult or child on a bike would have no chance of being seen in those few seconds they took their eyes off the road to read a text message. We will never know if this was the reason the son was the victim of a hit-and-run accident but it could easily have been. The thought of hitting a child and driving away without calling an ambulance or checking on their well-being was incomprehensible to me.

When I arrived at the apartment I saw firsthand the changes made to the lives of the mother and child. I could see the apartment was not by any means extravagant and the mother was struggling to get by even before this tragic accident. Now they were struggling even more just to survive. The mother invited me into a small living room that was crowded with a hospital bed, walker and wheelchair. The mother was not exaggerating about the extent of her sons injuries. The boy was sitting in a chair reading when I walked in. The mother introduced me to her son that looked thin and pale. Like all mothers teaching their boys manners, she reminded him to shake my hand. His hand felt thin and weak. I talked to the boy about his book. He told me how exciting it was to read. He said it was hard for him to read for more than an hour as he suffered headaches from the concussion he had received. He showed me the many scars on his leg and told me how he hoped to be able to play baseball again next year. After we talked for awhile I could see the son getting tired. The mother helped him into the hospital bed and he fell asleep almost immediately. She asked me to sit and talk in the kitchen.

She told me how her son still tired easily as he had suffered some injuries to his internal organs and the concussion. She admitted he had not been wearing his bike helmet like he was supposed to. She said, "I was at work cleaning and he was supposed to be at his friend's house. I reminded him all the time to wear his bike helmet, but the other parents never made their kids wear them and he complained about it all the time. I wish I had been stricter about that and he would at least possibly not have had the concussion." I told her to not blame herself. The inattentive or possibly drunken driver was to blame for this accident.

After hearing about the accident and the still long recovery ahead of her son, I could see how much this mother needed our assistance. If we paid a few months of their rent and helped with utilities, we would remove at least the financial stress of their situation. The grandmother was helping two days a week by staying with her grandson so the mother could work just enough to provide food.

After we went over her budget and finances I left with a promise to return in a few hours. I went to pick up the checks for assistance. When I returned the son was awake and seemed happy to have a guy to talk to. He admitted to not ever seeing his father and wondered why he never came to visit. The mother looked at me as we had discussed this very subject earlier, while the boy slept. She had shared how his father had disappeared even before his birth and never contacted her again. It made me sad to see this boy still missing a father he never met.

I asked about the mothers transportation needs since she was doing so much driving to and from medical visits. She admitted to needing some repairs on her car. Thanks to your caring and sharing those repairs were completed as well. Now at least they had a safe vehicle to do their travels.

The last time I visited the mother and son were doing much better. The son looked stronger and even bragged about how he was walking faster now and able to read as long as he wanted with no more headaches. He smiled and said every day was better and better. I loved seeing his positive attitude. The boy had actually gained all the weight back he had lost after the accident and surgeries. His strength had improved as he gave me a firm, strong hand shake. He smiled again when I commented how much stronger he was. The young man was able to take care of himself so his mother was back to full time work. The mother shared her gratitude for our financial assistance. Previously she had asked about The Time Is Now to Help. I informed her and her son how all of "You" and I have a common thread, a bond to help our fellow creations who have fallen on hard times. I told them we make sure there is a genuine need. We determine if they are capable of helping themselves, and if so are they doing the best they can for themselves. 

The mother said, "Please thank everyone for us." She started to cry. I asked why she was crying. She told me, "I still remember the feelings I had before all of you helped my son and I. I was so scared. My son was so ill I thought, please God do not take my son. He is my whole purpose for living. Then I got a five day notice of eviction. I received my notice the electric and gas were going to be disconnected. I couldn't leave my son for work...." She cried harder, reliving that period of helplessness and fear. I asked her what happened next.  I did not want to leave her dwelling in that fear. She said, "Then I wrote a letter to a group of God loving people, giving me hope as I prayed and prayed. Then The Time Is Now to Help saved us through God's grace." Now she was smiling, wiping her tears away, with her now strong son holding her in his loving arms.

Together, we will continue to replace the fear, pain and suffering of poverty, with compassion, healing, caring and sharing with our hearts to change lives. Thank you for helping us achieve good works for those in desperate need.

Health & Happiness, God Bless Everyone,


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