Your Views: Gazette going too far in prostitution coverage

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

This is written questioning the journalistic sensitivity of The Gazette regarding recent front-page headlines about human trafficking. Perhaps the stories were newsworthy, but to headline such and include websites and other unsavory details seem to overstep a newspaper’s code of ethics.

Newspapers are expected to serve the public interest. To report the facts of the local case involved is one thing, but to emphasize it with headlines and unnecessary repetition may unintentionally arouse the unhealthy curiosity of some.

Sadly, human trafficking is a worldwide problem and, as the articles reported, Internet access is making it worse. Certainly law enforcement is desperately needed to curb this menace, but the underlying issue is the lack of proper teaching in our homes, churches and schools. C.S. Lewis states this very meaningfully: “From the best gifts come the worst miseries if we are too foolish not to follow the giver’s directions.” In other words, “we should keep the fire in the fireplace—or we risk burning the house down.”

King David was guilty of burning down his own house (his legacy) in exchange for a momentary thrill with Bathsheba. Such is reported in the Bible so we would learn from that. Thankfully, we can also learn that, through faith in Jesus, God offers us forgiveness and deliverance from impulses that otherwise ruin individuals, families and nations.

I don’t expect the secular press to preach such good news, but it seems to me that it should at least avoid perpetuating evil.



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