Peace of mind for people and pets

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Dennis Hines | January 14, 2014

JANESVILLE -- Lenore Green has a four-legged friend to keep her company thanks to a program that is offered through Mercy Hospice Care.

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Green's husband, John, died in August and one of his requests was to have a pet companion for his wife before his passing. The Janesville couple received the dog, which they named Maggie Mae, in June through Mercy Hospice Care's Pet Peace of Mind program.

“Since my husband passed, she's been a real comfort,” Green said about Maggie Mae. “She's very gentle and just a very well-behaved dog. She likes to get on my lap. She follows me everywhere, but I guess all dogs do that.”

 Mercy Hospice Care implemented the Pet Peace of Mind program to provide pet care services for its patients. However, in this case, they used the program to find a dog for Green and her husband.

 “We kind of did things in reverse because what we had was a request from Lenore and her husband. They wanted a certain size dog and a certain breed,” said Nancy Bracken, Mercy Hospice Care director. “We reached out to all these different contacts that we made since we started Pet Peace of Mind. We said, 'Look, we have a patient that's looking for this and this and this.'”

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