Your Views: Obama’s transformation is already terrible legacy to leave us

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

At the start of the new year, we should reflect back on the legacy President Obama has already left behind.

-- $17.2 trillion: Our current national debt, of which $6.6 trillion was added since Obama took office.

-- $819.3 billion: Total taxes included in Obamacare.

-- $16,400: Current average cost of family health care premiums, which is a 22 percent increase since Obama took office.

-- 5 million: Number of health care policies cancelled due to Obamacare.

-- Three: Number of years that Obama knew his “keep your plan/doctor” promise was false.

-- 46.5 million: Number of people living in poverty, of which 1.2 million have been added since Obama took office.

-- 47 million: Number of Americans receiving food stamps, of which 14.1 million Americans have been added to the program since Obama took office.

-- 37 weeks: Average number of weeks someone will be unemployed.

-- $32.6 billion: The increased cost to pay interest on U.S. debt since Obama took office.

-- $518 billion: Amount of regulatory burden since Obama took office.

-- 79.6 percent: Increase in the average price per gallon of gas since Obama took office.

-- 0: People fired for the Obamacare disaster

Obama promised to transform America, and it’s a promise the Democrats have kept. What a legacy!



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