Your Views: Sen. Risser being a bit dim on how to make Wisconsin roads safer

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

I’m not the brightest lamppost on the block, but I think Sen. Fred Risser’s light is flickering a little. I refer to Risser’s proposal to change the testing program for 75-year-old drivers. When I read the article, the mercury in my thermometer blew the top off.

I don’t recall anyone older than 75 being stopped for speeding; driving north on a southbound lane; driving drunk two, three, four, five, six, seven or eight times and still driving; driving on a suspended license or no license; or for bail jumping, hit and run or nonregistration and no insurance. Yet no one says let’s test these people, male and female, ages 16-74.

Seems Risser is looking at the wrong age group to try to make our roads safer.

Yes, I’m 78, but I don’t speed past the limit, I come to complete stops at stop signs, I don’t drive through yellow lights, I give way to emergency vehicles, I turn right only after I’ve come to a stop, and I don’t look through a tennis ball-size hole when the windshield is loaded with ice or snow. I’ve never given a finger to any driver, but I’ve gotten many from others for obeying the rules of the road.

Maybe Risser is in the same frame of mind as the clown who wants to change the speed limit. My God, people are driving 80 to 85 mph now. But I would guess they are not over 75 years old.



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