Your Views: Why risk paper carriers during extreme weather?

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Everyone was being warned to stay inside due to the extreme cold weather, but yet The Gazette had its carriers out delivering the paper. There is nothing in the paper that is so important that customers need it that bad.

I find it to be a lack of good judgment on The Gazette’s part to have these people out at that time of morning in severe cold weather temperatures. They are newspaper carriers, not the postal service. These people are independent carriers who use their own vehicles, risking their own lives to deliver something that could be held off until the temperature has warmed up or until daylight when more people are awake in case someone slips or falls and can’t get up, etc.

Customers of The Gazette need to stand up for these people who go out in all types of weather to bring you something so minor as a newspaper. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you like to be out there delivering? Think about it. And, yes, we do get The Gazette, and I would rather get my paper the next day or when it’s safe than have my carrier risking their life.

             TONY WELTER


EDITOR’S NOTE: Gazette carriers are independent contractors. We routinely remind contractors to take all safety precautions necessary when completing deliveries during any sort of inclement weather.  All routes are different, and as such the delivery decisions are specific to the contractor.

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