Sound Off for Sunday, Jan. 5, 2014

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

On Packers: Going to Soldier Field and knocking the Chicago Bears out of the playoffs a second time, priceless. Seriously, it doesn’t get any better than that.

On drivers: In response to Sound Offs on older and younger drivers, as I teach my 15-year-old to drive, it’s obvious that lots of drivers need to be re-educated. It would be nice if The Gazette would print rules and regulations. Many of us make turns that are illegal, lane changes that are illegal and more. We see many examples of how and what not to do.

-- I see Illinois finally figured out that it’s dangerous to talk on a cellphone while driving, so they passed a law against it. We need that same law in Wisconsin. The people doing it maybe could conduct their soap opera life standing in line at the grocery store instead of putting innocent people at risk.

On handwriting: Regarding last Sunday’s story, the basis for decent handwriting, whether printing or cursive, starts with children being taught how to hold a pen or pencil properly. Look at the picture with that story and see the awkward way the pencil is being held. Apparently, children are not being taught this basic. No wonder handwriting is so atrocious.

On marijuana: Now in Colorado, you can just walk in the store and buy it. Maybe with any luck, we’ll have a mass exodus of Janesville’s potheads aiming for Colorado. Wouldn’t that be nice?

On paper carriers: I know delivering papers in this weather is a challenge, but I’ve also generously tipped the carrier for putting my paper in the mail slot on my porch. Now, the paper is nowhere near the porch. It’s a challenge when you’re over 80. Calling circulation doesn’t seem to help.

-- My carrier comes out into the country on County A East and does a wonderful job. They drive out in weather that they probably shouldn’t. The weather sometimes is so bad I don’t go down and get the paper, but they come and deliver it. I thank them and hope they have a nice new year.

-- For people who don’t care what time their papers come, good for you. But people who have other things to do with their lives, we wait on the paper and expect it at a certain time. With a new building and all, they shouldn’t have machinery going down so often.

On Badger coverage: When is the sports section going to publish the UW Big Ten basketball schedule? They let the whole preseason go by without a schedule published. It’s time they get on the ball.

On Janesville teachers: Regarding Steve Strieker’s column Tuesday, the school district seems to have the same problems administrating the teaching of children as Obama has with Obamacare. Forget the grass-root providers of care and teaching who know what’s best. The school district, Obama and Pelosi tell you they know what’s best.

On state funding: If you recall the 30 percent cut to technical training centers by Gov. Walker, Amy Loudenbeck and Republicans, you might wonder where that money went. Look no further than a little-known entity in Wisconsin called the Public Finance Authority that has arranged for more than $1.3 billion in mostly tax-free loans for businesses nationwide.

On Obamacare: I predict in a few short years Obamacare will be as successful as Social Security and Medicare, and by then the Republican pundits will change the name back to the Affordable Care Act, not giving any credit to President Obama. These are the same pundits who voted against Social Security and Medicare.

On Obama: The column on Page 7A Thursday, “Obama might be best economic president,” is not just fiction, it’s fantasy. Obama is hands down the worst economic president of modern times. The only thing he has accomplished is a giant bubble stock market that is poised to crash as soon as they stop printing $80 billion in funny money every year.

On loan shops: I agree 100 percent with the Sound Off about loan sharks, finance companies that loan money for paydays, check-cashing and auto-title places. They are rip-offs, and the state should be getting rid of them. Every place you turn in Janesville, there’s an office there.

On snowplow funds: Thursday’s front page says weather is causing budget messes. Maybe the city should get the money from the big, expensive bus garage they really didn’t need.

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