Your Thanks: Generosity feeds souls, shows holiday spirit

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Holiday spirit and generosity are alive in Janesville!

Recently, my mother, her friend and I were having lunch at their regular hangout, Park City Restaurant. When we got up to leave, I asked the waitress for the check, and she said it had already been taken care of. Somebody had paid for our lunch.

I just want to thank them for this unbelievable act of generosity. My mother and her friend are in their 80s and living on Social Security. However, their splurge has always been to go for lunch once a week and buy groceries. Her friend always drove once a week, but health issues have prevented her from driving lately.

I am a substitute teacher, so I am only able to take them once in awhile. Things are pretty tight for Mom and me right now, so this person’s generosity allowed us to buy extra groceries this week.

I will be sure to pay it forward. Though, Mom’s friend definitely deserved it for the years she took my mom shopping each week.

Thank you for this random act of kindness.



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