Your Views: City could make money by enforcing shoveling

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Janesville is always looking for ways to make money, like with real estate taxes, fees for schools and parks, and on and on. I am in my 70s and will usually walk my Bichon every day. He is going blind, has diabetes, and his smelling sense is gone.

Just how many snowfalls are there in a year? I normally shovel two driveways, my front walk, behind the house and a runway for my pet. This year I have shoveled maybe seven times and snowblowed once.

When I walk, I can’t believe how many people won’t or don’t shovel as they should, especially apartments, duplexes and some one-family homes.

Why not enforce your ordinance and make some money rather than just taking it as you see fit?



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