Sound Off for Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2013

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

On good Samaritan: I want to thank the layaway angel who paid my layaway Christmas Eve at Kmart. God bless you.

On Obamacare: Is there any difference between the security breach against Target and the security of the Obamacare signup?

-- Now that the federal government is meddling in health care, you can expect the same results that you get every time the government meddles in anything. In the end, the people who work won’t be able to afford it and people who don’t work will get it for free. They tell everyone we’ll make the rich pay for it, but they know that’s mathematically impossible.

-- Please publish covered services mandated by Obamacare. I’ve heard all policyholders, regardless of age or gender, are required to pay for maternity care, abortions, transgender operations, Viagra, contraceptives and pediatric dental care.

On politicians: Beware of all politicians who promise you a golden egg. It will come with many cracks you weren’t expecting.

On ice rink: This rink that will not freeze is a perfect example of where we are in our country. Incompetence is the rule rather than the exception. Why? Because we send millions of people to college who aren’t smart enough to be in college, and the result is incompetence everywhere. Tell your children to just be competent, and you will seem extraordinary.

On Democratic column: Regarding Saturday’s column, thank you Tom Breu. I feel the same way about The Gazette praising Rep. Ryan. Ryan only cares about big business and the rich; he despises the poor and needy, as do all Republicans. I’m sure you will never print this in your right-wing paper.

-- Breu complained about Paul Ryan’s budget. Many Democrats admitted they got the better deal, just not everything like they usually get.

On Marines: The 18,000 Marines in Okinawa will be reduced to 10,000. Why is any Marine footprint there at all? Bring them home and redeploy them along our southern border.

On Phil Robertson: A brief Dec. 28 states Robertson made inflammatory remarks about blacks. He did no such thing. He said he never saw them mistreated as a child growing up in the South but since his memory doesn’t jibe with the Left’s view of how it must have been, he’s therefore labeled a liar.

On buying American: Just got back from Utah on vacation and counted nine out of 10 cars were made by foreign automakers. Can anybody figure out why America is losing? Come on, you guys, let’s get a grip. Buy American.

On paper carriers: I’m wondering if the person complaining in Sunday’s Sound Off about their Gazette being late has their sidewalk totally shoveled and free of ice by the time the poor carrier has to come by in the morning.

-- In reference to Sunday’s Sound Off, I don’t care if my Gazette is late if it is where I can get it without risking life and limb. I fear falling every day on my front step. It is always way outside. I have tipped the carrier and written notes asking be kind to seniors. Nothing seemed to do any good. Calling the circulation department doesn’t do any good either.

-- We give them money during the year for their services in the envelope The Gazette provides and also at Christmastime. It would be nice to receive a thank you note of some sort.

On keyboarding: The article on Page 1 Sunday regarding the Common Core lacks a few details. Keyboarding was taught by certified business teachers for over a decade to all fourth-graders in the Janesville School District. Sadly, it was eliminated in 2011. Those parents who had children who received the instruction compared to those who did not know the result.

On being “special”: Just a comment on a couple of terms that I consider redundant—“children with special needs” and “people with issues.” I have never seen a child who didn’t have some special need, nor have I ever seen a person who didn’t have some issues. Think about it.

On teachers union: FOX News reported how the teachers union is doing everything they can to keep charter schools out in Milwaukee. Tell me again how they put the kids first.

On postal service: I would just like to give a big thank you to the postal service. I do not begrudge their little raise in the stamp price. I receive wonderful full service from them, and the postal people do not work under the best of conditions.

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