Web Views for Friday, Dec. 27, 2013

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Friday, December 27, 2013


On military mom gets Christmas surprise: What a great story.

-- Oldtimer

-- What a great Christmas for this family, and thanks to The Gazette staff for doing the story/photos.

-- wislady

On land rink at Traxler still not freezing: The liner is insulating the clay, and the clay is retaining the heat, keeping the thin layer of water from freezing.

-- Truthtelller

-- Leave it to the city to get water not to freeze in the winter? At taxpayers’ expense, of course!


-- In the meantime, how much money was dropped on the ice arena? … Oh, well.

-- Hugs Are Free

-- $90,000 over two years would do a lot of access work to the water next to it, as well as buy a small tractor to plow it. Just saying.

-- hdonlybob

-- It just needs more money thrown at it. Funny.

-- buyusa

On Krauthammer calling Obamacare a fraud: The bigger fraud is the American people who choose to sit on the sidelines while the country we were given as an inheritance is being stolen by our very own government! Too much apathy and very little accountability!

-- Mr Glock

-- The sky is falling, the sky is falling!

-- buyusa

-- The 99 percent: Fraud of Charles Krauthammer is story of the year.

-- sabreman

-- Buyusa and Sabreman, Let me take a wild guess. You were both uninsured before our new nationalized health care. If you did already have insurance, I would like you to say with a straight face that you are better off now than before.

-- Joe From Wisconsin

On talk of cutting taxes: The Repubs keep talking lower property taxes, and my property taxes keep going up. It’s a big lie! Now they want to help the rich 1 percent with no income tax.


-- The “Wisconsin Council on Children and Families,” headed by Jon Peacock, is just another left-wing tank promoting social justice. The name is warm and fuzzy, and it claims to be “nonpartisan,” but take some time and go to their site and their agenda is quite obvious. The evil people with money need to pay more taxes, according to him.


-- Is promoting social justice a bad thing? Shame on you. You made the baby cry.

-- garyprimer


To John Eyster: My question to this proposal is: If the minimum wage was increased to say, $15/hour, how much would the price of goods to the consumer be raised? Would it just add more tax money for the government to spend and not increase the buying power for the people the increase in wages is trying to help? Would it have a negative domino effect on employment?

-- justme44

-- Why not free candy for every kid? Why not a free car for everybody who drives? Why not ... well, hopefully you get the gist. See, there’s this thing called the Law of Supply and Demand. The more something costs, the less people will want of it. That’s why you probably own more forks than diamond rings.

-- Northman

-- Heritage reported that 97 percent of employees earn more than the minimum wage. Most minimum-wage jobs are entry-level positions filled by workers with limited education and experience. Half of minimum-wage workers are under the age of 25. They work for the minimum wage because they currently lack the productivity to command higher pay.

-- Proud Grandpa

-- McDonalds made $5.5 billion in profit last year. Billions. And you are going to continue to tell people that they can’t afford to pay a livable wage for those working 40 hours a week? The price of your burger won’t go up. What will happen is that their profits would drop to perhaps $1 billion or $2 billion.


To Greg Peck: The shortening of the word totally to “totes” is totes irritating. Also irritating is the person who describes 95 percent of physical objects they see for the first time (mostly clothing, accessories, etc.) as “cute.” “Ooh. Those are Cuuuute.”


-- “Uh” every time the speaker cannot form a word to keep the beat tends to get annoying.

-- garyprimer

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