Your Views: Do not ignore screams of kids suffering abuse

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Thank you, neighbors, for getting involved! I simply cannot imagine children being beaten, screamed at or struck repeatedly and neighbors not getting involved. I am so proud of those who call police, 911 or whatever and find help for children in such situations.

Friends, these children the world over are “our children.” We need to protect them. That so many neighbors can hear the screams, the cries of such little ones and then decide to mind their own business is sad. It is totally unacceptable! I hope we all find it necessary to broach this subject at your next neighborhood gathering. If such parents lack the ability, the parental knowledge, to protect our future leaders from criminals, then we all must rise to the problem. Stop thinking “it isn’t my problem” because it darn sure is. The protection, the safety and welfare of all our children are of utmost importance.

Neighbors, you know darn well those of whom I speak, now do something! Have some pride and care about our kids because they will be caring about you very shortly! And to young adults who read this, you, too, can pick up the phone and call 911 or the police, welfare offices, etc. Care about your friends and cousins. Just decide to care! Do the right thing. Call 911! Thanks!



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