Your Views: Teacher takes issue with letter on Orfordville Parkview

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Friday, December 27, 2013

To talk at length in an inflated or empty way is how the dictionary defines the word bloviate. This is what comes to mind when reading Bill Redmer’s latest letter aimed at misinforming Parkview School District voters.

Mr. Redmer claims statements made by the planning committee were “self-serving.” This committee has done many hours of work and research to find a solution to benefit everyone. This seems to be anything but self-serving. Also, he claims the committee dealt in supposition rather than facts. Actually, nothing but facts were presented to anyone who cared to listen (including Mr. Redmer).

Fact, the district's buildings need improvements. The gymnasiums aren’t fit to hold events that are money generating for the district, and restrooms simply don’t meet Americans with Disabilities Act standards.

Mr. Redmer also claims the referendum is filled with pork. I assume he’s referring to pork-barrel politics. This would mean that somehow a politician is trying to win over constituents by voting in a certain manner. What? This isn’t a back-room deal to fatten the pockets of anyone. This is simply some decent people who care about their district, asking for things that are clearly fair and overdue.

Obviously, any referendum calls on citizens to help in the form of a tax increase. Mr. Redmer fails to mention that without the school district, each person’s tax burden will be higher than if the referendum passes. I felt true facts were needed and not Mr. Redmer’s prevarication.



EDITOR’S NOTE: Stricker is a Parkview middle school language arts teacher and also coaches eighth-grade football coach and junior varsity baseball.

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