Salvation Army's red kettle campaign on target to make goal

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Shelly Birkelo
Friday, December 27, 2013

JANESVILLE—Donations to the Janesville Salvation Army's red kettle campaign aren't lagging like those at the organization's other posts in Wisconsin, or in other cities such as Chicago, Detroit and Minnesota.

That's why Maj. Bob Fay is confident the local campaign—even with its aggressive $365,000 goal--will be met.

“As of Christmas Eve when we closed the red kettles, we were at $300,000 and a little more than 80 percent (of goal),” he said Thursday.

By comparison, “we also were at 80 percent of (the $325,000) goal,” for the same time last year, Fay said.

Traditionally, about 20 percent of the local annual holiday campaign's income comes in between Christmas Day and the end of the campaign, Friday, Jan. 17.

“Those still finalizing their charitable contributions will make last-minute contributions (then),” he said.

The public also will continue to respond to the campaign through walk-in donations and through mail appeal solicitations, Fay said.

People also will have chances to drop money into countertop red kettles that will remain at city businesses through the end of the year, he said.

The red kettle campaign kicked off the week of Nov. 11 when Fay announced the 2013 goal was to raise $40,000 more than last year's goal of $325,000. The 2012 goal was surpassed by $20,000.

Demand for social services and programming increased about 15 percent from 2012, so the aggressive goal for 2103 was necessary to keep pace with that increase, Fay said.

“The larger goal doesn't mean we're going to open new programs," he said. "We're just going to keep doing what we've been doing without cutting anything, which is providing direct assistance to the community."

Any shortfall in Christmas income—the red kettle donations, mail appeal solicitations and walk-in donations--directly impacts the Salvation Army's ability to provide services throughout the year, Fay said.

That's because money raised during this campaign makes up about one-third of the church and social services program's total cash budget, he said.

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