Animals, hikers still active on winter trails

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Russ Helwig | December 24, 2013

We had a short three mile hike around Lake LaGrange last Tuesday, as some of us planned to go to the local Ice Age Trail Alliance chapter meeting for their holiday potluck party and meeting.

It was a nice walk with warmer weather than that of last week. We saw many animal tracks and a large area of open water by the largest spring hole which always stays open all winter.

On Wednesday, we all carpooled to the John Muir bicycle/hiking trails. There we were met by others who were skiing across the road at the Nordic Trails. Twenty-one hikers plus two canine companions split into two groups. The shorter distance people walked counterclockwise on the white trail. The long distance group went clockwise.

I was with the shorter distance group. Shortly into the hike our canine companions were greeted by three others on leashes. There was a little friendly barking as the owners of all five pulled on their leashes when we passed.

At the point where the southeast loop split off the white trail this group split into two. Ellen led the shortest hike on the rest of the three mile white trail, while Jake and I took another contingency on the longer hike which added a couple more miles to our adventure.

Shortly after entering the longer loop we met the long distance hikers let by Norwin. We chatted a bit and continued on our way while they ended up taking the orange trail back for a hike of six or seven miles.

The trails were open to biking this day and we did meet one bicyclist who was also enjoying these trails on a bike with very wide tires.

After reconnection with the short white trail we stopped for a rest at a bench overlooking a large kettle swamp.

It had been a delightful hike with perfect weather. We regrouped at the LaGrange General Store for soup and sandwiches before departing.

Happy Trekking,


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