Your Views: Smart voters will see through Orfordville Parkview school referendum

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Parkview’s school board voted for a referendum, seeking to raise school property taxes as much as 30 percent across district towns. A forgone conclusion with a planning committee where 10 of 13 members were either board members or district employees?

Self-serving and unsubstantiated statements appear in the committee’s report, attempting to influence with supposition rather than verifiable facts. Missing is supporting economic and population forecasting with long-range tax impacts, such as where new money is coming from. Future increased operating costs aren’t mentioned, though the district can’t balance its budget now. Read it and judge for yourself.

Smart voters will see though the air conditioning, new gyms, parking lots, status seeking and pork. It’s ridiculous to spend millions for new construction in a district with declining population and enrollment, with virtually no prospect of significant increase in either in the next 20 years.

Just because you build it is no guarantee they will come. Where would they live in any case? There’s no surplus housing stock in the district and little prospect for major taxable development. There’s no reason for choice students to choose Parkview with Wisconsin DPI’s evaluation making it the second-lowest scoring district in Rock County. Some gem, that!

This committee didn’t do a complete job in evaluating the district’s long-term needs. In fairness to taxpayers, the committee should have considered all real options, including consolidation with other districts. It’s simply unfair to tax to death the few taxpayers the district has for vanity’s sake.



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