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Friday, December 20, 2013


On food truck vendor: Why do we owe it to him to rewrite perfectly good laws so he can make a buck? If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Ever heard of working within the system instead of whining for unnecessary change?


-- Would seem you could write rules and regulations that made sense instead of just the opposite.

-- RetArmy

-- Yeah, let the guy make a living. An honest guy working hard to feed his family, and the city makes him operate like this!? I am going to stop next time I (see) his truck.

-- Truthtelller

-- Just the opposite is what Janesville is all about. We can give SHINE medical millions of dollars (in incentives) for a business that hasn’t even broken ground yet, but we can’t figure out a way to license a food truck so this guy can make a buck. I’m hoping this new city manager brings a good dose of common sense back to Janesville because we sure need it.


On teen kicked off bus: The bus driver’s comments were not proper! If the young man answered back using a bad word, he was wrong in that but understandable, and the driver had a right to have him get off the bus. It was a wash overall, in my opinion. Shameful at the least, and the driver should be held responsible for her words and actions.

-- RetArmy

-- I am surprised that The Gazette is even allowing comments on this article. $500,000 is a lot of money to ask of your community over an issue that could be resolved in other ways. It seems that only half of the story is being told here.

-- Hugs Are Free

-- How does one arrive at $500,000? It would appear that the issue was dealt with properly. Why the big payout (demand)?

-- garyprimer

-- I viewed the video several times. I fail to see how this is a racial issue. The driver told the kid to move to the back of the bus because he didn’t belong there, which is true as he was sitting in a disabled person area. … After the driver ejected the boy, her only comments were about young people lacking respect.

-- Puchi

-- This is a very sad situation, and it only adds to racism, not helps. It is an example of reverse racism at its worst. This is clearly race baiting IMO, and the parents, as well as the attorney, should be ashamed of themselves.

-- hdonlybob

On Janesville is “Bird City”: Do you realize that hundreds of us in Janesville have been feeding birds for decades? I have two feeders and watch hundreds of birds every day. Check with the stores that sell birdseed, and I think you will be surprised how much they sell.

-- Oldtimer

-- Kudos to you, Oldtimer, for your interest in and support of birds. But young people are the future, and their interest is vital in the future of nature as a whole. … It’s easy to buy feeders and seed and hang them out, but the challenge is keeping them in a clean and healthy condition so you don’t do more harm than good. With natural habitat, that is not an issue.

-- Solo_Voce

-- How about keeping your cats indoors? Stray and feral cats kill millions of birds each year.

-- rolo

On editorial “Ryan does what he believes is best”: Actually the title should read: “Our Views: Ryan does what he believes is best...FOR HIMSELF.” Nuf said. No sale here.

-- hdonlybob

-- A budget is better than no budget, as we’ve had the past four years. The continuing resolution procedure was to fill the deadline gaps if the budget missed a few days, not years.

-- gpawcat

-- Call it what it is! “Election protection.” The politicians coming up for re-election needed insulation from their “do nothing” incompetence. Ryan just looks out for himself. Simple as that. Tell me what’s he done for you?

-- bettyboop


To Greg Peck: I’ve gambled in a casino once many years ago. I don’t care either way if the casino is approved, as long as the state-run lottery games like scratch-offs, Powerball, Megabucks, etc., are kept.

-- sleeponit

-- The people in that area want the jobs, as do the people who want the mining jobs.

-- wislady

-- Ya, sure, you betcha.

-- garyprimer

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