Winzenz steps down as assistant city manager

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Marcia Nelesen
Wednesday, December 18, 2013

JANESVILLE--Jay Winzenz has declined to resume his previous duties as Janesville's assistant city manager.

City Manager Mark Freitag on Tuesday said Winzenz informed him last week that he had made the decision for “personal and professional reasons.”

Winzenz, acting city manager until Freitag started Dec. 2, will return to being director of administrative services. He performed those duties in addition to serving as assistant city manager before he stepped in as acting manager.

 “It was a voluntary decision on his part,” Freitag said.

"I support his decision," Freitag said. "I told him I would leave the assistant city manager's job open and would give him some time to essentially come to a decision."

Winzenz was named assistant city manager in 2009 by former City Manager Eric Levitt. Winzenz assumed those duties in addition to those of director of administrative services. In that job, Winzenz oversees the offices of human resources, city attorney, accounting, city clerk/treasurer and assessor.

When Levitt left for Simi Valley, Calif., in May, Winzenz stepped in as acting city manager until a new manager could be hired.

Winzenz then named Patty Lynch, comptroller, as acting director of administrative services.

Winzenz also stepped in as acting city manager after former City Manager Steve Sheiffer retired and before Levitt was hired.

At that time, Winzenz did not apply for the job of city manager. This time, he did, but the council hired Freitag.

Winzenz's pay was reduced when he moved from acting city manager back to assistant city manager, Freitag said.

No decision has been made about further reducing that pay now that Winzenz is no longer assistant city manager.

Freitag said he will designate a department head to serve as acting city manager in his absence, and that field of candidates could include Winzenz.

Winzenz on Tuesday agreed his decision was both personal and professional but did not elaborate. He said he would use the next few months to decide whether to make the change permanent.


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