Your Views: Wisconsin DNR should reject mine plan on two counts

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Early this month, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources received Gogebic Taconite’s new bulk sampling plan. GTAC is proposing a massive open-pit mine near Lake Superior. I think the DNR should reject the application on two counts:

 First, the sampling plan is at fault. It removed a site from sampling that has asbestos grunerite in plain view. Also, GTAC plans to sample old rock piles without blasting. These old, weathered sites cannot yield an accurate measure of the hazards.

 Second, I question the integrity of the company. The president of GTAC, Bill Williams, might stand trial in Spain for dumping arsenic-laced wastewater in a local aquifer. Also, in 2008, mine walls collapsed because the slope was too steep at the Cobre Las Cruces mine. Williams had previously held up the CLC mine as an example of the tailings storage procedure planned for the Penokee Mine.

 The DNR should reject GTAC’s bulk sampling plan because it is faulty and the company cannot be trusted to protect our natural resources.



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