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Friday, December 13, 2013


On proposed Blackhawk Tech referendum: What is wrong with being at the bottom of seven schools as far as budget? Has everything been done to reduce costs? Reducing costs by eliminating deans, child care and poorly attended programs is just the start. The idea that they need to be competitive with wages from the whole country is crazy.


-- They should be able to afford what they need to do with all the students who are enrolled since 2008!

-- ms pacman

-- Wow! That’s $4 million per year additional taxing authority indefinitely? You can’t make this stuff up. Very hard to justify when they admit that attendance at Blackhawk is declining! This is not a one-time $4 million referendum; its impact over time is much, much more than that.


-- That is an easy way to balance a budget. With all of the savings that they are describing, one might expect rates to decrease. Lowering property taxes does nothing if we are beset by referendums and special assessments.

-- garyprimer

On state’s drunken driving laws: How many years have people been saying something needs to be done? How many more years before something will be done?

-- RetArmy

On snow causes minor accidents: Just think if we had 4 inches what would happen. Slow down, and do you need new tires?

-- ms pacman

-- Me no remember snow slippery.

-- garyprimer

On church let sex offender work with kids: Ministers, (including priests) are normal people like the rest of us and also make human mistakes. However, this is just plain wrong wrong and wrong, as well as pathetic.

-- hdonlybob

-- Just as in any community or organization, it’s made up of “people.” People are fallen. These people don’t represent the Christian community or any community! They’re responsible for their own actions, nobody else!

-- Mr Glock 19 SK

On landowner would pay for interchange: Very interesting. In today’s economy, this seems to have a lot of positives for the whole area, not just Milton/Janesville, and should be taken very seriously. However, it is a very complicated situation, with way too many questions at this point to give any positive indications to go forward.

-- hdonlybob

-- So, an out-of-state developer avoids talking to towns or municipal government, fails to name real possible businesses, buys up land, and plans to quickly get this done? It sure sounds like this is something that should be studied very slowly.

-- buyusa

-- I think this is an excellent opportunity for Milton, being the Highway 26 bypass has impacted and will continue to impact the traffic flow through Milton. This will give an opportunity of Interstate traffic to exit and visit Milton as well as bringing ... industry to Wisconsin.

-- ProudMamaOf3

-- I recall the fairgrounds/Beloit Snappers deal proposed by Mr. Watson in 2006. That was also a deal with a deadline. There was evidence that there would have been several issues or problems had the deal gone forward.

-- Nick Danger


To Glen Loyd: Creative concept. It’s odd how the birds flying onto the power lines seem to make room for themselves next to the other perching birds. The birds perching on the line don’t seem to want to budge, yet somehow the birds in flight find a way to wedge themselves into a square inch of space. I guess they’re all receptive to keeping each other warm.


-- I danced around to this after drinking a couple beers after work. Fun! Well done!

-- Ron Cormier

To James Martin: Your positive attitude and strong spirit touched me! I’m glad your sense of humor is still healthy! Thank you for sharing your journey.

-- Lisa Jummrich

-- Thanks for posting. We’ve been wondering how you’ve been doing.


-- Why don’t you dictate your blog entries and have one of the kids type them up for you? Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving, Mr. Martin!


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