Your Views: More casino gambling is bad bet for Wisconsin's future

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Friday, December 13, 2013

The discussion of casino gambling has again heated up, as Gov. Walker considers the request to build more casinos. Clamoring for new Indian casinos in Kenosha and Beloit is prominent.

In an already-saturated market, new gambling monies primarily come from other communities. While our leaders say casinos create jobs, they also eliminate jobs from hotels, restaurants and other local businesses. Wisconsin contends that it will get most of its gamblers from Illinois. However, the Illinois Legislature is contemplating many additional gambling venues.

Casinos and state lotteries are the most predatory forms of revenue building, and their gain is coming at our expense. Good government needs to build its future, not bet on its future. Beloit is experiencing a renaissance of economic growth and community beautification. Good-paying jobs are slowly coming back.

The UM Church states that, “Gambling as a means of acquiring material gain by chance, and at the neighbor's expense, is a menace to personal character and social morality. Organized and commercial gambling leads to the belief that work is unimportant, that money can solve all of our problems, and that greed is the norm for achievement.”

Most everyone knows addictive gamblers who have brought suffering upon themselves, their families and their communities. Gambling takes from those who can ill-afford it and gives it to others. Many a child knows he has no new shoes, presents and dental care because his dad gambles. Please, do not support casino gambling in the city of Beloit.



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