A closer look at Ryan's district

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Staff | December 11, 2013

Boring, but in a comfortable way is how writer Eric Lutz describes Janesville in his recent Salon piece on his four-day, 1,200-mile trek through the Midwestern districts of three right-wing Republicans:  Reps. Paul Ryan, Michelle Bachmann and Steve King. 

Lutz, 25, said he hoped to gain some clues about the people and regions that helped promote the attention-grabbing right wing of the Republican Party.

He called Ryan's Janesville office—just down the block from a sports bar and a company that specializes in fruit bouquets-- “wildly unassuming” for a GOP star who was Mitt Romney's running mate in 2012.

An Illinois native, Lutz predictably waxes about cows, rants about rural drivers and compares the landscape of the town of Darien to a Bruce Springsteen song.

But, he says, it's difficult to draw black-and-white conclusions even in stereotypically rural towns.

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